“Mandela becomes a ‘father of the nation’ to a South Africa that is a ‘fatherless nation’. He models a masculinity which is caring for children.
Dr. OWINO (AUTHOR - Mandela Masculinities: Shifting and Contestations)

Why we do what we do

From the stats below of our area (reference), it is evident that youth employment and education is a major problem as with most rural areas in South Africa.

Helping someone out of poverty needs a holistic and not a one-dimensional solution.

Statistics (Updated).png

We aim to address this issue holistically by investing in mentors in all of these problem areas mentioned above and then establish a mentorship culture where they can raise up the next generation leaders.

We therefore provide tertiary education solutions, computer literacy, character & skills development programmes, including supporting small business ideas to support the local economy and break the cycle of poverty. These solutions are all build around value-driven platforms where the mentors then re-invest their learning into the next generation leaders, filling the gap for youth who don’t come out of inspiring home environments…

MEet the team


Zim has been part of the Zithulele community his whole life. His mission is to develop himself and the community by offering an internationally accredited course called International Computer Driving Licence (IDCL).  Zims’ main role at Sihambe Sonke is to tutor IDCL to the youth and teaching chess to the local schools. His favourite motto in life is: “Rise and grind”.


Siphelele is the newest members of the Sihambe Sonke team. He was born and raised in Zithulele and is finishing his studies in public relations. His responsibilities include coaching touch rugby, soccer and tutoring in the ICDL sessions. His one-liner in life will be #staypositiveandbeyourself.


Philip is responsible for managing the operations of Sihamba Sonke. He completed his Industrial Engineering studies in Stellenbosch and joined the team in 2018. Philip values community interaction, the interactions between employees and to create a healthy work environment. He favours the following saying: Anyone can make something look complex, but it takes a genius to make something look simple.


Ruan the founder of Sihamba Sonke is passionate about unlocking the potential of the South African youth, especially in a rural context where opportunities for growth are few. In 2005 he completed his Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Honours - Cum Laude) at the University of Pretoria and worked for Siemens  until '09, gaining experience abroad in India, China & Germany. Thereafter he completed his CFA Level 1 and worked for iKubu Engineering in Stellenbosch before moving to Zithulele in '13, where he joined Axium Education. In '15 Ruan completed the year long SECP (Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Programme) at GIBS Business School , where he received "the best student award". In partnership with Axium Education and exposure to many non-profits through the GIBS business school focused on value creation and bringing change, Sihamba Sonke was the next step to formalize the successful pilots over the last 5 years, aimed at raising up value driven, purposeful leaders driving change in rural South Africa.