"everybody needs a  coach"
- bill gates (ted talk NEW YORK, 2013)

Create inspiring mentorship platforms for the youth through sport, chess and agriculture.

Through education & skills development connect local rural mentors to opportunities that will unlock their potential to drive community transformation through a mentorship culture.

In order to achieve our goal of raising up value driven, purposeful leaders driving community transformation through the establishment of a mentorship culture, all our programmes therefore fall into two main categories. Either investing into mentors, or enabling the next generation Leaders.

What do we do to Invest in mentors? Here is a description of each of the inspiring platforms that we use to give mentors opportunities to grow and unlock their potential:

Investing in Mentors


A key component to reach the goal of raising local mentors. This is one off the biggest reasons why our mentors leave their local communities as they seek to further their education elsewhere. We aim to create inspiring spaces where mentors are supported academically and excited to study. The Education programme consists of:

- Tertiary academic support through correspondence (UNISA / Damlin)

- Sponsoring student fees

- Equipping Leaders; Advanced Leadership School (ALS) – a Year long certificate focused on raising up leaders in Africa

SKILLS development

Our mentors should be holistic coaches for the youth to be an example in every area of their lives. Giving guidance and teaching values without living a purposeful life in practice hinders a sustainable 360 degree lasting impact. Skills transfer to enable our mentors to go forward in life is therefore a critical component to real our goals. The lack of skills is not only a problem for our mentors, but also our community and therefore the skills development programme is an excellent vehicle to impact our community directly and scale our impact through relationship. The skills development programme offers the following skills development opportunities:


- ICDL (International Computers Driving Licence): In the 21st century computer skills are a critical for your education development.

- Drivers Licence: Living in a rural area a drivers licence for our mentors and community members are crucial for their growth in order not to rely on an unpredictable public support system.

- Jump Start Skills Development Programme: A gap year programme that focus on skills and character development. See Character Development section below, for more information on Jump Start.



Education and skills anyone can learn in a short period of time (1-4 years), but ones character develops over decades and is a life long journey. It is the consistency of doing small things right over a long period that results in true character. It is not necessary because of a lack of skills why people get fired at their work, but because of a lack of character. To start this character building journey, Jump Start a gap year programme, aimed at the youth of our local area were therefore developed to transfer skills and start their character development journey. Watch this 4-minute video which summarizes all the components of the gap year programme. (Jump Start Introduction) In brief we cover the following character development programmes where our mentors also participate:

- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

- Alpha Course

- The World Needs a Father

- 7 Transformation laws through the Game of Life (Chess)

small business


Without a local economy mentors will always leave for better pastures where there is work to provide for their families, leaving their children parentless. Outsiders see current business opportunities and are filling the gap quickly taking away opportunities for locals to capitalize on the current local business opportunities. For sustainability, it is therefore essential that our skills/education and character development programmes is followed up with small business support for our mentors. Currently we support the following three small business ideas driven by our mentors:

· ICDL (International Computer Drivers Licence) training for our community members.
· Driving lessons and obtaining driving licence support for our community members.
· Setting up structures for Adventure Tourism in 2019.

Enable the Next Generation


(the Game of Life)

This programmes was designed by the Sihamba Sonke group to use chess as a vehicle to make life values tangible and at the same time cultivate the development of young minds to drive change. As a competitive advantage chess in itself develops higher thinking skills and therefore opened the door for schools and youth groups to adopt the programme. We use chess as an analogy to link each of the chess pieces to the following value/principal driven programmes:

- 7 Laws of Transformation (Introducing each of the chess pieces)
- Alpha Course (Each chess piece is linked to an Alpha Course session)
- 7 Habits of Highly Effective people (Each chess piece is linked to one of the

  7 Habits)
- Foundation for Farming (Each chess piece is linked to a farming principle)


The aim of the sports programme is to cultivate strong relationships off and on the field between young and old with a victory mind-set to mentor young people in taking charge of their lives through biblical values.


With very little or no extra curricular activities in rural schools, sport is an excellent platform to cultivate strong mentoring relationships on and off the field, while still growing a victory mind set through excellence. The sport programmes that we currently offer is:
- Touch Tigers (Touch Rugby for both senior and junior community members)
- Ubabalo (a Value driven soccer programme) at Junior Level


Subsistence farming still plays a massive role in South Africa’s rural communities, especially in our area the former Transkei.  Foundations for Farming inspires the subsistence farmer to increase his yield with cost effective easy to use alternative farming principals, which at the same time can be applied in all spheres of life. The Foundations for Farming principals is an integral part of our gap-year and chess (Game of Life) programme and we additionally support and encourage our mentors apply these farming principals at their homes and also use it as a vehicle to impact their communities and build relationships with the young leaders that they mentor.

Safe Space


Unfortunately in our area there is not many inspiring safe spaces for our youth. In many cases taverns are the only alternative to dysfunctional family home environments, exposing children to alcohol, abuse and sex at age where they are too young to handle these negative environments. We aim to change negative peer pressure to a positive influence where our mentors create inspiring safe spaces in the form of youth groups, movie nights, story telling mixed with informal chess tournaments and encouraging maker’s spaces.